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  Welcome to Wood Chip Market!

Wood Chip Market is a specialized market place for purchaser & supplier of wood chips in bulk, which means complete shipments of about 20,000 mt & up. Eucalyptus and Pine are mainly the species of wood as source for Pulp & Paper production, while a mix of several species, as well as Mesquite wood, is used for MDF manufactures and power plants for energy generation. 

Wood Chip Market is also trading with Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) from West-Africa and Asia. This biomass commodity is used to replace fossil fuel for power plants because of its high calorific value. Another advantage is the much lower storage factor, compared with wood chips, what reduces shipping freight costs substantially.

Wood Chip Market, since the beginning, has build up a comprehensive portfolio with purchaser & supplier of wood chips and palm kernel shells around the world. This portofolio is growing constantly and a resume of important supplier and purchaser is concentrated in our 
S & P database. Kindly check out and contact us reference to your requirement under the corresponding item. 
Wood Chip Market is 
facing the challenge to meet the requirements of demanding purchaser & supplier, always concerning a long term base. We are aware, that only the right selection of the distance between a purchaser's country and a supplier's country is the key for a convenient price structure. Furthermore, we understand that shipping is the most important link between both countries and only the right coordination from the loading port to the discharge port allows a successful business for all parties.
Wood Chip Market, powered by Fuerte Ventura Group, is the charterer of the corresponding vessel and keeps in charge of all shipping operations.

Wood Chip Market is the right place, if you want to purchase or supply wood chips or palm kernel shells in large scale. Just provide your complete information as shown under PurchaserSupplier and send them to the corresponding email. In case of adding your item to our database, the listing is free of charge, withour time restriction and under strict terms of privacy.
Wood Chip Market is at your service.

Know more about Wood Chip Market:

Why Wood Chip Market was created?
How Wood Chip Market is working?
Read the full text under About WCM

Working with 
Wood Chip Market
pays off, because:

* Own S & P database
* Free listing at database
* Lisiting without charges
* No time limit for listing
* Worldwide shipping
* No registration needed
* Just contact us
* Total privacy
* Good service-at least we intend

Klaus Funk
CEO & Founder of
Wood Chip Market
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"What we learned today, we have not known yesterday,
but tomorrow it should be applied". - by Klaus Funk

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